Notre Dame Skills Development Camp for Girls

The University of Notre Dame holds its Notre Dame skills development camp this summer for girl soccer players between 10-18 years old, who’s looking to be challenged and develop their skills. The camp is open to any and all participants who meet the requirements of age and gender. The camp will take place in South Bend, IN.

The University of Notre Dame was founded by a priest of a French missionary order in 1842. His idea was to create a great Catholic university in America, this vision is what the university has grown from and stayed loyal to until today’s date. Notre Dame is also known as one of America’s leading undergraduate teaching institutions as well as being in the front of research and scholarship. The aerodynamics of glider flight, the transmission of wireless messages, and the formulae for synthetic rubber were discovered and developed at the University. Today Notre Dame fosters researchers who’re achieving breakthroughs in astrophysics, radiation chemistry, environmental sciences, tropical disease transmission, peace studies, cancer, robotics, and nanoelectronics. The students not only learn to think, but also how to live at Notre Dame, through unique experiences on campus the students get the real Notre Dame spirit with them many years after they finish their studies.

Notre Dame skills development camp staff consist of experienced high-quality top coaches from both colleges and high schools around the country. Players of the highest quality from colleges will also be attending the camp. It is a tradition that former and current Notre Dame players come back to campus to help the campers get to the top of their game. The coaches from Notre Dame are committed to the ideals of the university and create student-athletes with a championship caliber. Head Coach Theresa Romagnolo has through her just two seasons at Notre Dame guided the team to two NCAA Championship appearances, 2 NWSL College draft picks and 10 All-ACC selections. Assistant Coach Dawn Siergiej is a former professional goalkeeper and has been on the Fighting Irish women’s soccer staff since 2003. during her time as a part of the staff, she has helped the team achieve 13 NCAA Championship appearances, 9 BIG EAST titles, and 71 all-BIG EAST selections.

Notre Dame skills development camp program is made to challenge high-level female soccer players by playing under pressure in all situations on a daily basis. The camp will focus on improving each player’s ability to deal with game conditions. Superior staff will be teaching the campers advanced techniques and tactics. There will also be special sessions, including selecting a college, strength & conditioning, as well as sports psychology, which all will prepare players to succeed at the highest level. The camp will teach the campers the difference between a good player and a great soccer player, the individual skill and tactical knowledge and how to apply this knowledge to practice. The philosophy of this camp is that this ability can only be achieved through individual, group and team tactics, well-supervised skill development and intense training.

A goalkeeper program specially designed to push goalkeepers to reach their peak performance will also be present at the camp.

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The University of Notre Dame holds its Notre Dame skills development camp this summer for girl players between 10-18 years old. Training is led by high-quality high school and college coaches.

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  • South Bend, IN
  • June 15-18, July 14-17, July 18-21
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