Salem State University Lady Vikings Soccer Elite Summer Camp

Come and join the Salem State University Lady Vikings Soccer Elite Summer Camp. It will run from the 30th of July until the 3rd of August. It is going to take place at the scenic Salem State University campus in Massachusetts. The program is open to all and any high school girls who are serious about developing their game and playing at the college level. Furthermore, this summer soccer camp incorporates instructions that will improve the players’ tactical understanding. Additionally, this event is requiring every participant to bring their soccer ball, cleats, sneakers, shin guards, and water bottle. This training program will be under the direction of the Salem State University Lady Vikings coaching staff. Available spots are limited so registration is on a first come first serve basis.


About Salem State University

Salem State University, originally Salem Normal School is a public, coeducational university in Salem, Massachusetts. As a whole, the university has an accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. It is one of Massachusetts largest state universities. Additionally, the university comprises six campuses. Namely, they are the North campus, the Central Campus, the South Campus, the School of Social Work, the Richard O’Keefe Athletic Center, and the Cat Cove Maritime Facility. Currently, Salem State University is serving around 7,100 undergraduate students. 38 percent of this undergraduate student population are male students and 62 percent are female students. This undergraduate student population is also through a selective enrollment acceptance rate of 82 percent. Correspondingly, Salem State University’s student to faculty ratio is 14:1. The university is also serving more than 1,600 postgraduate students. Leading the university is president John Keenan. Salem State University is also a top-performing academic institution. As a matter of fact, it is ranked between 142nd and 187th in the Regional Universities North category of the 2018 US News and World Reports Best Colleges rankings. Moreover, in sports, the university features 18 intercollegiate men’s and women’s teams. These teams are competing mainly in the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III. They are the Vikings and blue and orange are their identity colors.


Salem State University Lady Vikings Soccer Elite Summer Camp Organizers

Leading the Salem State University Lady Vikings soccer team is Head Coach Nicolle Wood. She is at the helm of the Vikings women’s soccer program since the 2007 season. She is at the same time the university’s Senior Woman Administrator for Athletics. Coach Nicolle Wood is a bachelor’s degree cum laude graduate from Salem State University. Meanwhile, she earned her master’s degree in Sports Administration graduate at Northeastern University. Ultimately, Coach Nicolle Wood is the  Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference (MSCAC) Coach of the Year awardee. Prior to the head coaching role, Coach Wood was the team’s assistant coach. Then, the Salem State University Lady Vikings soccer team’s assistant coach is Jacqueline Hughes. And finally, the team’s goalkeeper coach is Kayla Grover. She is a bachelor’s degree in physical education, teaching, and coaching graduate from Bridgewater State University. Currently, Coach Kayla Grover is working as a physical education teacher at Methuen Public Schools. She is also Aztec Soccer’s goalkeeper coach.

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Join the Salem State University Lady Vikings Soccer Elite Summer Camp. It is a five-day soccer training program that will run from the 30th of July until 3rd of August at the beautiful Salem State University campus. This soccer training camp is under the direction of the Lady Vikings soccer coaching staff. It will be a fun and challenging training experience.

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  • Salem, MA
  • July 30 - August 3
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