Future 500 ID Camp: Reviews & Costs

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There are several ID camps in the US that are based on identifying and recruiting high school and club soccer players.  This article is a review of the costs and expectations a family will experience when attending the Future 500 ID Camp.

Getting noticed by NCAA Soccer coaches & recruiters is a difficult process. Because not only do you have to have useful highlight videos to share, but you also need to show that you have the skills and perseverance that every coach wants to see in their players. If you only play at the high school level and have never taken part in serious competition, then that doesn’t do a lot of good in showing off what you’re capable of.

That’s why we recommend that if you’re serious about soccer, that you should take part in a summer camp session. These camps are a great way to gain experience playing with and against a variety of players from inside and outside of your country. The best camps even have visiting coaches from top level universities and provide real help with preparing you for recruitment.


About Future 500 ID Camps

Future 500 ID Camps was founded in 1999 by Mark Wagner (president) whom along with his wife and brother own the company. It invites coaches from NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 as well as NAIA. The program also hires youth club coaches as team managers at the event, with staff getting paid $200-$1200 for their instruction and/or team guidance at camp.  The camp last 3 days (split across 4 days) and features training, gameplay and lectures.  Future 500 purchases its apparel from Adidas Inc. with requirement to be the sole apparel sponsor.  Additionally, Mark Wagner (President of future 500 ID camps) and Will Ahmed (CEO of WHOOP) signed an agreement in 2016 to enable campers to get training gear and uniforms from WHOOP company.

Future 500 ID camp recruits both boys and girls athlete through online registration and mass email marketing, where the applicants pay a non-refundable deposit of $275.00, at least 21 days before camp to book a slot.  The remainder to pay the full camp fee ($900) is due prior to camp. Campers must provide proof of insurance. Apart from the registration, there is a $50 administrative fee and other varied charges depending on optional selection, including accommodation and food. Campers participate in education programming through seminars and outdoor activities. This is made possible through scheduled in-room and out-on-the-field program activities.

Facilities and Facilitators

The level of competition at the Future 500 ID camp is above average as there are many players that attend each session.  With 500-600 participants attending each week’s session, coaches get an opportunity to see many players at once (similar to attending a showcase tournament).  With ~40-50 college coaches on site at a time, their is a player-coach ratio of about 10-15 to 1.  While not the best for a college ID camp, Future 500 ID Camps does have the advantage of having more college coaches than most other events.  This can be partially attributed to its effective staff as well as the outstanding facilities of the two college campuses the program is held on. These facilities includes gyms, turf and grass fields, accommodation and dinning centers,  and well-built transport and communication infrastructures found in all camp sites. Future 500 ID soccer camps in Philadelphia are geographically located near a variety of east coast colleges (DI, DII, DIII) and Philadelphia International Airport for ease of transport to nearby states and the rest of the world.  It has turf and grass field which is ample for training as well as conditioned accommodation which offers the campers a great experience.

These top notch facilities includes air conditioned residential rooms as well as effective and efficient training facilities. This serene environment, re-energizes the campers and gives them the deserved rest they need before the session the next day. Commuter options are also given for those who wish to save a little money.  The camps also have university-style cafeterias in both Cabrini and Eastern campuses (players will be split across the campuses) which offers good nutritive foods for the athletes. The meals offered are carefully selected to suit the trainees needs while in the field and out of the field. They also have good clean water to keep the players hydrated and in shape during sessions.

Future 500 ID Camps has very comprehensive training sessions and also offers training to college and university coaches as well as players.  These training sessions are in two categories: in-field and off-field and they are programmed in such a way that the on-field camper to staff ratio is 7:1 (about 50% of time is ‘on field’ and 50% is off field relaxing, eating, or other indoor classroom sessions). This ensures that the campers achieves the best during the training especially with the incorporation of the T3 soccer methodology for high level impact. Coaches as well as athlete’s families can get access to the HD video footage of every camper to watch games.

But First, A Word From Their Sponsors

Many camps boast that they prepare campers for athletic and academic success, but it’s rare to see a camp that has seen enough success that they have also gained international sponsorship. That’s definitely the case for the Future 500 ID Camp. But let’s look at some of the sponsors that help make this camp what it is.


Founded in 1924, the Adidas corporation has provided sporting apparel for quite some time. So it’s clear that this is one company that cares about helping athletes perform at their very best. Their support of the Future 500 camps further demonstrates that committment to excellence by helping to fund the equipment and contacts that allow the camp to host 75+ colleges every year.

Esport Dubai

In April 2016, the camp was proud to announce that it began accepting sponsorship with International soccer clubs, to include Esport Dubai, who received the prestigious Best Sport Youth Academy award for the entire Middle East. To have this academy participate in the Future 500 Adidas ID Camp means that campers will not only be able to experience higher level play for American Soccer, but will also be able to experience how soccer is played over seas. Other international clubs have joined along side Esport Dubai to enhance the value and benefits of joining this camp.

T3 Soccer

T3 Soccer is another related company owned by the Wagner family.  These camps are relevant as they provide similar structure to Future 500, with full 11 aside games, training sessions , and introduction of technical and tactical concepts.

Off-field Programs

Aside from training and great facilities to enable player fun, the camp includes educational recruiting seminars that teach students how to select colleges that fits ones  expectations, and how to market oneself to colleges through advices by coaches from NCAA DI,DII,DIII and NAIA. These off pitch seminars are meant to brain feed the campers as well as parents so that they grow both on the field and academically. Among the motivational pep talks shared with the players are speeches by Mark Wagner and his staff along with college coaches. Also there is a comprehensive Parent-Education seminar. These programs are offered on a daily basis and supplement the training sessions allowing players to rotate so that not all 500-600 players compete at the same time.

Parent Lecture –This is where the parents are comprehensively involved in discussions together with the administrators, camp operators, SAT test prep representatives,  and coaches from different colleges. Topics normally tackled includes the recruiting process, process of college admission, financial aid and scholarship for kids, choosing the right college for your child, as well as an lengthy Q&A. This is meant to create a lasting bond between the parents and the administrators of the camps and colleges.

Afternoon Seminar Series– This session is carried out in the afternoon and involves all campers (rotating between on and off field). The key learning objective is to motivate the campers through engaging pep talks led by administrators and coaches. In addition to Future 500 offers a nutrition session on how to fuel one’s body for competition through proper food intake before, during, and after the game. A well-nourished body has proper reflexes which give ample competitive in a field game. They also give campers a roadmap to build physical strength and power all year round for soccer. And for academics, they give advice for players to take SAT/ACT test and learn how to balance between soccer and academics respectively.

Evening Speaker Series – Unlike the afternoon session which is focused on classroom teaching, this session is more interactive, talking about the life of a student-athlete.

Who’s allowed to come?

The camp is open to both boys and girls, with girls being allowed from grades 8-12 and boys from grades 9-12. Students who enroll in the camp are those who have a desire to play soccer at the collegiate level. The camps are only limited by grade level, age, gender, and number of spaces available.

Space is severely limited for these camps, so it’s important to sign up as soon as you can. For many of the camp sessions they do provide early bird savings if you register before a certain deadline, so be sure to check out their website or Facebook group to see what’s available.

Which Colleges Show Up?

The Future 500 camp promises that over 75 colleges from NCAA Divisions 1, 2, and 3 will be in attendance every year. These colleges bring coaches who teach classes or training sessions to help you improve your soccer game as well as to evaluate you for potential recruitment.

For a full list of the colleges available during a particular session, you should check out their boys and girls camp sessions lists for more details. If you know which colleges you’re interested in joining, then this is a great way to plan your camping sessions so you can join only those camps that appeal to you most.

What’s Camp Like?

Because only amateur athletes are welcomed to college athletic scholarships, the Future 500 ID Camp has a focus on both athletics and academics. So while you are in attendance, you’ll be playing high level games and taking part in physical training sessions, but there will also be seminars available to help you understand what’s expected from you as an up and coming student.

This camp also hosts sessions targeted towards parents, with sessions relating to gaining financial aid or what to purchase to help a camp be best prepared for the collegiate road ahead. Because of the high bar set for athletes in this program, you can expect a rigorous and challenging curriculum that, at the end of it, will far better prepare you for college sports and education than training at home possibly could.

According to testimonials, the best part of the camp is that college coaches set up sessions where you can walk up and have conversations with coaches who will be able to help you identify your strengths and stay involved in giving you a team-oriented mindset. So it builds a sense of community with you and your fellow players.

Is it hard to get there?

When you sign up to take part in this camp, you have to pay an upfront non-refundable deposit of $275 to secure a spot. After that, you are expected to pay the remaining balance 21 days before the first day of camp with late fees being charged if you miss that 21 day before deadline.

Once you pay, you’ll have to arrange transportation to one of their locations; Florida or Philadelphia, but both camps allow over night dorms for campers. The Florida location though would have you staying at a nearby hotel. Part of the package deal though is having commuter transportation to and from the site, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in traffic, especially if you aren’t a resident of one of those two cities.

If you need a shuttle though, be sure that you or your guardians ask what are the current fees. At the time of writing the round trip shuttle fee is $60 to pick you up from the airport and take you to camp.

The camp does this because they want to lower the barrier of entry as much as possible so that if you have the desire to become a soccer great through the Future 500 ID Camp program, that you have exactly that opportunity.

Are there dorms? What’s camp life like?

The Philadelphia location does have dormitories that students can use at the end of the day or in between seminars and games if you sign up for them. Many parents appreciate this since it gives first hand experience on showing a camper what living in Dorms at colleges can be like. The best part is that if you sign up for camp with a close friend, you and your friend can request to be placed in a room together. You just have to make sure to send your request no later than 14 days before camp.

Food will be provided to campers and adjustments can be made if you have any allergy or dietary requirements.

Finally, if you have signed up for an extra session, such as speed and agility training sessions, or specific field position training, then you will be able to participate in those activities to maximize the benefits of participation. At the time of writing, specific field position training is only available at the Philadelphia camps.

What do campers say about the experience?

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of this camp, but you can’t get any more genuine a reaction than ones straight out of the campers. Thankfully the camp provides a testimonial page with comments that express overwhelming gratitude and support for the lessons learned from this camp.

You can find those testimonials here, and one of the common threads that you’ll find is that this is an organized camp, that gets you involved with your coaches, provides you exposure, and gets you to meet and associate with players like you. At the end of the camping experience, players become better players.


With the good staff, support, and relationship with stakeholders, the future 500 ID camps has extensively grown into an international juggernaut.  For further details, visit the boys or girls Future 500 ID Camp listings below.

Future 500 ID Soccer Camps – Boys

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Future 500 ID Camp: Reviews & Costs
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