College Soccer Exposure: Why this ID Camp is worth a second look

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You’ll find many ID camps across the country that focus on finding the best high school and club soccer players for college and university rosters. Each of them promise to provide great experiences and guarantee fast results for upcoming College freshmen. But with so many options, it’s hard to decide which one is the best […]

Ivy League Soccer Camps: Comparing College Recruiting & ID Camps

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The eminent Ivy League is comprised of the eight most significant Northeastern colleges in the United States. The academies do not just impress the Americas with their academic excellence and outstanding athletic organization, but also the pride that they have from alumni working in the workplace. The buying power of their graduates and professionals, tend […]

Future 500 ID Camp: Reviews & Costs

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Introduction There are several ID camps in the US that are based on identifying and recruiting high school and club soccer players.  This article is a review of the costs and expectations a family will experience when attending the Future 500 ID Camp. Getting noticed by NCAA Soccer coaches & recruiters is a difficult process. […]