Ivy League Soccer Camps: Comparing College Recruiting & ID Camps

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The eminent Ivy League is comprised of the eight most significant Northeastern colleges in the United States. The academies do not just impress the Americas with their academic excellence and outstanding athletic organization, but also the pride that they have from alumni working in the workplace. The buying power of their graduates and professionals, tend to optimize the school’s popularity. This is very vibrant as both students and alumni dynamically dazzle the soccer and basketball games. The prestige that these schools has to offer in sports has been its major asset until they were tagged as ‘Ivy League’ in the year 1950 onward.


Let us check how each school contributed to its fame from its roots to its offspring in the field of athleticism. The majority of the schools throughout the United States was initially funded by the very generous sponsors from all its academic endeavors and pursuit for success on technology, research, and sports. As they offer wondrous curriculum on higher education and graduate school studies, more and more students and academic enthusiasts strive their way in. It’s almost impossible for those who doesn’t blatantly confess their ‘diploma goals’ and see their names on the shining lights in sports. And soccer camps are one of the best!



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The Ivy League as the Gem of American Academe

In terms of enrollment, the Columbia University has the largest number of successful applicants on a yearly basis (22, 290). As the school is located at New York City, New York, they surely do have one of the best areas conducive for learning through research and sports activities. The Harvard University at Cambridge, Massachusetts with a sum total on enrollment of 21, 225, comes next. The University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania also becomes the talk of the town with a total of 20,643 enrollees. The Cornell University at Ithaca, New York has 20,633 which ranks at fourth. The Yale University at New Haven, Connecticut at 11,666 comes right after, with the Brown University at the sixth spot with 8,649. The Princeton University located at Princeton, New Jersey (7,592) lands at rank seven and Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshire with 6,141. The enrollment and acceptance rate of each institution does not mean anything when it comes to performance in sports. To set things straight, every soccer camp has its own champion on a yearly basis!




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Getting to Know Your Athletic Nicknames in the Ivy League

Just a sec, if up until this time you are not still well aware of their athletic nicknames or some as they say sports mascot, you may want to check them out and feel free which team will you be in. As roaring as they are in terms of academic flourishing, the Columbia University has Lions as their nick, as they are matched by the Princeton University with the ‘Tigers’ tag. If you want to hear the howling ‘Bulldogs’ as they are at soccer camps, the Yale University are its best, while the Brown University tag themselves with ‘Bears’. When you hear people screaming, ‘Go, Big Red!’, you hear people cheering up for the Cornell University, while the ‘Fight, Big Green!’ cheer, is up for Dartmouth College. If you see large banners with ‘Crimson’ line on it, that goes for the Harvard University, while ‘Quakers’ streamers go for the University of Pennsylvania. When you hear them scream and shout on a large stadium, better to identify which scream is up for.

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All coaching directors and officials work to ensure that they accommodate all student enthusiasts with their intensified determination to transform their skills into a higher level. They will be able to hone it through various drills, games plans, and little games that will progressively prepare them for the main games of soccer at the end of the camp. Its 11 by 11 format on evaluation will naturally give a head-up to the trainers and coaches to what position they should be at in the field. This potential that is nurtured to every player at an earlier age before college, with the help of the past players of the team. Since the soccer camp would wrestle exciting and adventurous activities with every participant, the triple component emphasis will be critically looked at; from their game plan proficiency, mental alertness & disposition, as well as their agility to execute what has been taught throughout the camp.

 The recruitment for each soccer camp are all basically in the same phase, from the online applications 1-2 months prior to the start, panel discussion when it comes to their physical condition prior to the intensified training, the payment for the board, lodging, and coaches’ fee, and the on-boarding process. If there will be back-outs made a week before the start of the camp, each soccer camp may refund their payments with a deduction on the administrative fee of more or less $100. Within the week prior to its start, medical reasons will only be the reason why will they can cancel their attendance with a guaranteed refund.

Reasons other than will mean forfeiture of their membership and consummation of the whole payment they have made. If there will be weather hindrances at-hand, there will be no indoor training and games that will be held by the coaches, so most probably it will be moved on a later time and date. This is also to make sure that the soccer camp will maximize all facilities for the camp, from the field, outdoor fitness activities, and camp fires.



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Brown University

The Elite 125 Soccer ID Camp at Brown University has its very own customized residential type where mostly senior high schools are invited to join. The camp is coordinating with of the school’s top-players to build a gainful camaraderie and show every level of skill they have for soccer. They can showcase these through full-sided trainings and games through the three days all-out camp. An applicant must display their serious intent to be part of the official team through a level by level formatting of the match play. Each participant will be coached by a top-performing trainer, from which it is required for them to purchase their own safety gears and equipment throughout the camp. The residential camps that they have are for those ages from 12 to 18 and the day camp for the younger ones from ages 6 to 18. There is an Elite 75 camp which is a one-day clinic for those in the 9th grade up to the 12th graders who wanted to pursue their soccer ambitions in no time. All of the Elite 125 camps 1 & 2, as well as Elite 75, are all coached by Pat Laughlin. For the women’s camp, the soccer summer prospect clinic by the incoming and current Grade 9 to Grade 12 students. This is a day camp held by coach Kia McNeil.


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Dartmouth College

The Dartmouth College is more than willing to accept applicants for their soccer camps in Hanover Soccer Academies. The envisioned goal of the association is to fabulously offer a friendlier and more competitive environment. They get to have an amazing hand-in-hand coordination with coaches with proven track record, making them ready for collegian soccer games. As it is handled by Chad Riley, the Hanover Soccer Academies Camp Director and the Head Coach of Dartmouth’s Men Soccer Team, they get to put in 200 to 300 children before the start of the summer. They usually get to accept applications prior to the July camp. The men’s team has their ID camp from all 9th to 12th graders, with a self-provided accommodation and food throughout their stay, with a free dinner meal sponsored by the camp every night on Saturday. The Day Academy will cost them from $205 to $225 after the 1st of April payment for all boys and girls from all kids and teens K to 12. The Residential Academy I will cost them $660 to $705 after the 1st of April, but it only requires the participation of up to 150 students. The same goes with the Residential Academy II camp with the same cost and same limit for its participants. All the camps take place at the early 2nd week of July up to the 3rd Week (4-5 days each camp).



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Yale University

The Bulldog Soccer Academy as it is held at the Yale University’s Summer College Prep ID Camp which usually happens twice a year from the last week of July and the 2nd week of August. As it is tagged as one of the most prestigious training camps that specializes in the best practices on soccer, there will be a guaranteed total package of experience for incoming high school students up to the junior high school enrollees. The whole batch of aspirants are categorized into Divisions 1 and 2, wherein they get to be taught and hone as future players for the university soccer camp with just a valued price of $350. They get to highlight the holistic training of the students focusing on their physical, mental, and health wellness. They get to receive a very nice soccer training t-shirt, yet the admissions are so hefty every year so early bird registration is a must, before slots will be taken among the hundreds of students. Late registrations are allowed but they get to pay a little higher than the expected which is from $385-$400. Students get to shoulder their own apparels for training; running, indoor, and outdoor shoes; firm ground and turf cleats; in-house clothing and jackets, as well a handy water container. Head coach Kylie Stannard get to interview each student under the training camp. On November 4, the Yale university women’s soccer clinic will be held at Reese Stadium – 81 Central Ave. New Haven, Ct.


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Harvard University

The proven track record of Harvard University in their soccer games made them decide to focus more on breeding young individuals who take a great leap for the inter-collegian soccer and athleticism. The Crimson Summer College ID Clinics targets to hone freshman to senior high school geared with the technical instructions and methodical play-by-play throughout the whole camp. The camp is headed by the experienced coach Pieter Lehrer, to cover all the informative conferences and feedback/advice giving before the culmination ceremonies. Since the summer camps from the clinics to all the hotels/accommodation are operated privately, all directives and inquiries comes from them. The Boy’s Crimson Soccer Clinic are usually held in four sessions starting from the second week of June, July, and August. August sessions usually do have two consecutive ones to accommodate all applicants. For the youth clinic for girls with Summer Tentative Dates on 2018 from June 27-28, 2018 which is the first session, followed by the second one on July 9-10, 2018, then the third session at the 16th to 17th of July, 2018, and the last one to be held will be on August 2 to 3, 2018. Women’s soccer clinic for grades 7-12 get to train with college members of the official Harvard University’s soccer staff in the supervision of Mike Calise and Chris Hamblin. All the curriculum for each clinic is designed as if they will be competing with the other Ivy League members. This is for them to have a quick glimpse of how is the atmosphere for training and playing at its best.


Princeton University

The Princeton University Summer Sports Camp is such a convenient and accessible to its students as they target almost all student to get a participatory role whether a player or a support to all the sports events throughout the year. The Boys Soccer Camps usually has all the school’s facilities on their 2 to 3 days camp on the university dormitories, from which the students get to know more about the historical facets of the premises. The training and games are played at the Field Turf Plummer Field and the Robert’s Stadium at Myslik Field. Since the administration works to ensure that all participants are guided accordingly, there is a one adult for every 10, who may be a school professor, an assistant teaching coordinator, or a City Health officer. The Fall ID Soccer Summer Women’s program set the environment for the girls. The latest one will be held at the 29th of October for the high schools entering at the school year -2018 in the same Plummer Field at Robert’s Stadium which will last for a whole day with a fee of $195.00. The amazing events for the Ivy League will be witnessed by the participants themselves as the Women’s Soccer Team of Princeton will compete with the Cornell Women’s Team the day before the camp starts (October 28).


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University of Pennsylvania

As the Pennsylvania Soccer Academy is a good preparatory summer camp for aspiring U-Penn students who wish to reach great heights in the Ivy League Soccer games. The coaches with the pumped-up motivation to build competitive members for future games. Participants then get to have an in-depth and up-close training with the current standard bearers of U-Penn throughout their stay. They will finish the camp with a smile in their faces and chill on their bones as they feel like playing for the Ivy League. This the reason why they get to dwell more on the quality of camp that they offer notwithstanding the number of participants. The High School Advanced Academy and ID Camp is worth $550 for the residents and $450 for those who go home at night with a maximum of 125 participants. This is open for all 9th graders to 12th graders. This is held at one of the most eye-catching campus in the area, Hill School – Pottstown, PA. They are up for the 11 by 11 challenge and small-sided games, a separate session for those who wish to become goalkeepers. Jamie Schenck from Haverford College and Matt Procopio ­
as the Head Women’s Soccer Coach, will be the directors of the sessions. The Women’s ID soccer camps and sports clinics managed by the Penn Soccer Academy include the Top 30 ID Clinic usually held at September 30th or the last Saturday of September and the Fall ID Clinic usually held every 15th of October which gives instructional classes and play-by-play sessions.  Both costs $175.00 which surely be an added value to its participants since they get to meet and greet all the current members of the U-Penn Women’s Soccer Team.


Columbia University

The Columbia Soccer Program for Men’s Summer Camps is personally handled by the 2016 coaching staff of the year and the Ivy League Champions by Kevin Anderson himself for the prestigious Columbia University. He was also ranked as the topmost assistant coaches conferred by the College Soccer News team and has taken an integral role for three NCAA championships with an ‘A’ mark for his coaching license. To handle the whole camp, he gets the assistance of Kenneth Pollard and Luke Kelly. The Women’s College ID Camps are personally handled by Tracey Bartholomew herself as she continues her four years of service with the institution as unmatched by anyone else with Amphone Keovongmanysar & Josh Osit to assist. The yearly summer camps are held at the famous New York’s Columbia University Baker Athletics Complex. The field training, coaching, and play-by-play sessions that will be held for the Summer College ID Camp on the Rocco Commisso Soccer Stadium, Satow Stadium, and the Robert Kraft Field. All soccer enthusiasts are invited to join for them to be assessed by the college coaches, a comprehensive disposition of the soccer setting, and the opportunities they have to work on to become an official member for the university’s soccer game. The camp for boys are held every early week of June and July while the girls are held at late July and early weeks of August.


Cornell University

The Cornell Summer ID Soccer Camp is held to be very eminent inside the campus itself at the Lake Cayuga in Ithaca, New York where all athletes are allowed to take part across the countries in the globe at the Cornell University. The Summer Camp was specifically sponsored by the Gatorade Energy Drink, from which they will likely to do the same thing for the next years. So, there will thirst quenchers handed by Gatorade throughout the sessions and games The Men’s ID Camp Head Coach is Mr. John Smith while the Women’s ID Camp Head Coach is Dwight Hornibrook. Their home field is located at Charles F. Berman Field. The Cornell University Boys Soccer Camps has three particular divisions from Men’s Soccer Summer ID Clinics (June 17-18, July 8-9, August 12-13 for $285), Coed Soccer Day (August 7-11 for $299), and Camp Boys Soccer Academy (July 10-14 for $499). The rate for each camp are so worth it since they get to have a program that patronizes an instructional environment, a lifelong total camp experience, and full-sided matches that closely reflects the school’s competitiveness and unmatched athleticism.


Ivy League Soccer ID Camp Listing

Ivy League CollegeBoys ID CampGirls ID camp
HarvardHarvard ID Camp for BoysComing Soon
YaleYale ID Camp for BoysComing Soon
ColumbiaColumbia ID Camp for BoysColumbia ID Camp for Girls
PennPenn ID Camp for BoysPenn ID Camp for Girls
BrownBrown ID Camp for BoysBrown ID Camp for Girls
DartmouthDartmouth ID Camp for BoysDartmouth ID Camp for Girls
CornellCornell ID Camp for BoysCornell ID Camp for Girls
PrincetonComing SoonComing Soon
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